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Get Out Your Vote

Today is a day that many people have been real stressed about. Now it is here and I think they have lost it.

Here is what I figured out.

It’s voting.

Our mom’s and dads make the rules where we live. We have to live by those rules, unless you can sucker them in with the right smile or a kiss. Or even a head tuck. Mom’s really love those.

Well, they have humans who make rules for them. And every now and then they get to pick who makes rules for them. They want to pick people who are going to make rules they like.

Unfortunately, mom says most of the time there are people who don’t make nice rules to help everyone. So humans pick one of the bad rule makers and then complain for a few years.

Why don’t they just pick someone they like?

I helped mom out with voting. It is peoples’ responsibility to vote even if they don’t like it. Mom says they are responsible for voting for people who will protect everyone, even animals and the environment. If humans fail that, she said, they fail us.

These humans are divided into parties. Sounds fun but it isn’t. No one parties.

Most people only like two parties but there are many more. I’d want as many parties as possible and make sure they party with lots of treats and toys.

If I were allowed to vote I’d vote for a Fourth Pawty. It would have to be a dog party or one that supports all animals. They would make sure we all have healthcare when we don’t feel so good, like mom does at home. They have to make sure there are homes for all of us with plenty of food, treats and toys. Oh and they would make sure there is lots of land for everyone to run around on.

So get your vote out today.

Make sure everything is in order.

And if you are using a mail in vote take it here.

People get to pick who makes their rules. Us animals don’t get to pick our rule makers.

So why don’t people pick nice ones? It’s so easy!

If I could vote today….

I’d still vote for mom.